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Republic Commando Коды

Нажмите [~] пока играете, чтобы вызвать консоль, и затем введите один из следующих кодов:

Fly - Fly mode
Ghost - Ghost mode
Walk - Switch off Fly/Ghost mode
Fierfek - Get full ammo
AllWeapons - Get all weapons
Loaded - Get full ammo and all weapons
TheMatulaakLives - Toggle God mode on/off
Lamasu - Unlock all levels
Darman - Skip current level
SmiteEvil - Kill every enemy on sight
KillPawns - Kill every entity on sight (including squad bots)
KillAll [class] - Kill every unit of a specified class
HOG - 1000000 Damage points inflicted on the targeted object
PlayersOnly - Toggle FrozenTime mode
SloMo # - Set timescale to # (for SlowMotion use numbers < 1)
SetJumpZ # - Set jump height to #
SetGravity # - Set gravity to #
SetSpeed # - Set motion speed to #
FreezeFrame # - Freeze the game after # seconds delay
ChangeSize # - Change the player's size
BlindAI [1/0] - Toggle AI blindness
DeafAI [1/0] - Toggle AI deafness
BlindEnemies [1/0] - Toggle enemies blindness
DeafEnemies [1/0] - Toggle enemies deafness
Invisible [1/0] - Toggle Invisible mode
BehindView [1/0] - Toggle 3rd person view
FreeCamera [1/0] - Toggle 3rd person view
LockCamera - Lock camera to the current location
ViewSelf - Reset camera view to the player
ViewPlayer (Name) - Change the camera view to indicated player
ViewBot - Cycle camera view through the bots
Teleport - Teleport to crosshair location
Stat FPS - Toggle frame rate display
Stat Net - Toggle network display (for MP game)
Stat Mem - Toggle memory display
Stat Game - Toggle game statistics display
ToggleFullScreen - Toggle fullscreen/windowed mode
Suicide - Commit suicide
Exit or Quit - Exit the game

Republic Commando - Коды
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